Fix the problem of cast Icon missing when trying to watch Netflix on Chromecast!

As everyone must have known by now that the Google Chromecast setup is a dongle type device that can be used to be connected to the TV and makes you watch TV on the big screen.  You might come across many problems while using the Chromecast and one out of those could be that the Cast icon will go missing at the time you use the Netflix on the Chromecast. It happens and in case if you are experiencing this kind of problem, then you need not worry and the problem can be fixed up with some simple instructions and steps to be followed.

How to fix the not able to see cast Icon while using Netflix on Chromecast!

This article acts as a guideline to you. The app acts weird during cackling with problems and you should make sure that the Chromecast is connected with the streaming.

  • Firstly in order to overcome with such kind of issue, make sure that you are using the latest version of Android or the iOS installed in the device or tablet you using. Netflix is generally very compatible with the Apple devices like iPad and iPhones that has the latest version of OS 8.0 and when it comes to Android smartphones and tablets, the latest version of android needed must be 4.0 or more.
  • You should also ensure properly that the Google Chromecast and the device both are connected properly with the same Wi Fi in order to overcome the issue. The user must keep in mind that the Google Chromecast will not work unless it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network of your phone or tablet.
  • The Google chrome cast, when plugged into the USB may lead into a socket on the TV wall and needs the power to run. In case to overcome the issue of unable to see the Cast icon, make sure that the Chromecast has enough of the power to keep it operated. Plug the Chromecast into the supplied plug pack power adaptor rather than plugging it somewhere else.
  • Also allow the Chromecast to talk to the network which means that make sure that the Wi-Fi configuration is not making things hard. The 5GHz support should not be made available on the original stick and get the new circular versions.
  • In order to work the Chromecast freely without any issues, make sure that the Google Cast extension is installed with the Google Chrome browser and this will let you stream the Netflix app on the IOS or Android.
  • Also, the users can check that there are no special characters added up in the Chromecast name that can further prevent the Netflix App from being seen and run the Google Chromecast App on the device and get rid of the special characters using them in the name. by doing so, the cast icon will be made visible and you can continue to use the services.
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