NJOI supports National Athletic Training Month in March

http://tmpab.com/?semeynaya=beställa-Sildenafil-Citrate-online-flashback NJOI supports National Athletic Training Month in March!


With all the “Madness” in the month of March going on and the craziness of our everyday lives in general, we sometimes forget about the Athletic Trainers’ that play a key role in keeping our favorite teams’ athletes healthy to compete safely at top levels of performance.  Whether it be professional sports, college, high school teams, or recreational community sporting events, Athletic Trainers are always there for us when an injury or life threatening condition occurs.


http://todayisvintage.se/?introduse=bin%C3%A4r-optionen-demokonto&abf=b6 What is an Athletic trainer??

An Athletic Trainer (AT) is a health care professional that works to prevent, evaluate, and treat musculoskeletal injuries and sports-related illnesses.  AT’s work with and under the direction a physician. They are the first line of evaluation immediately following an illness or injury.  Common places to see an AT is on the sideline or medical tent of any sporting event.  AT’s should NOT be confused with “personal trainers” or “trainers” who focus solely on fitness, conditioning, and weight loss.  Instead an Athletic Trainer is considered a sports medicine healthcare provide.


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Sports injuries can be serious. Brain and spinal cord injuries, heat illness, and some fractures can be life-threatening if not recognized and properly managed. ATs are educated and equipped to treat acute injuries when they occur.


http://onodenje.com/?strydor=dbswiss-erfahrungen Not all athletes wear jerseys.

ATs are not limited to working with athletes. ATs work with individuals in various settings to help prevent injuries and return patients to full activity. These non-traditional settings can include: military, the performing arts, hospital and surgery centers, rehab clinics, and physician offices…, like NJOI. The month of March is a time to pay tribute to Athletic Trainers across the country.


http://careermastery.net.au/?pero=Tastylia-Australia&4ec=33 Athletic Trainers at NJOI.

Over the years, NJOI has learned that AT’s are very valuable in the office setting too.  An AT working in the office is called a “Physician Extender”.  You may recognize these familiar faces that put in hard work to help our doctors make sure you and your loved ones receive the best care possible.  Meet our Athletic Trainer’s:


http://thoughtden.co.uk/?stranuychelovek=azioni-binarie-funziobamento&b9a=57 Margeritte Carlson, MS, ATC, CSCS

Margeritte Carlson joined NJOI as a Physician Extender in October of 2015. Mostly working with Dr. Festa, she assists with the diagnosis and treatment of patient injuries.  She also coordinates surgical scheduling and insurance authorizations for Dr. Festa as well as post-operative instructions and brace fitting, assuring patients have the best care possible.   Prior to NJOI, she was an assistant AT for Seton Hall Athletics Women’s Basketball and Tennis programs since 2011.  Specialty focuses included implementing a Mental Health and Wellness program at Seton Hall Athletics.  She holds a CSCS certification for Strength and Conditioning which makes her very knowledgable in the sports performance aspect of recovery.  Margeritte was an assistant athletic trainer at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa from 2008 to 2011.  At that time she Worked with men’s basketball, football, baseball, and field hockey programs. During her Master’s curriculum she was a graduate assistant AT with Seton Hall Men’s Basketball and Rutgers Football Program.

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Margeritte Carlson ensuring Seton Hall Women’s basketball team gets a proper warm-up prior to competition.








binäre optionen gebühren Rachel King, BS, ATC

Rachel King is in her first year as a Physician Extender at New Jersey Orthopedic Institute.  She currently shares responsibilities mostly working with Dr. McInerney’s patient’s. She is proficient in injury evaluation and has a special focus on patient education on diagnosis and rehab plans for sport related injuries; particularly stretching, home exercise programs, and injury prevention.  

Originally from Southern Maryland, Rachel came to New Jersey to study athletic training and play soccer at Montclair State. Her athletic experiences have helped her better relate to patient’s with sports related injuries and have the sports medicine mindset that is needed in a busy orthopedic office setting.

Prior to working at NJOI, she completed a rigorous seasonal internship with the New York Giants football team in 2016. Her responsibilities included preventative taping, stretching, immediate on field injury care, rehabilitation, practice and game medical preparation and hydration. During her undergraduate studies at Montclair state she completed five clinical rotations; including one college, four high schools, and two at physician offices, which ultimately led her to working here at NJOI.

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Tadalafil Oral Strips Australia Erica Simone, MS, ATC, OTC

Erica Simone joined NJOI as a Physician Extender in August 2014. Working with Dr Scillia, she is proficient in injury evaluation and patient education in regards to diagnosis and treatment. She also assists with surgical scheduling. She has an orthopedic technologist certification (OTC) which includes knowledge of bracing, casting, and surgical assistant skills.  Prior to NJOI, Erica worked as a Physician Extender from 2012 to 2014 at an orthopedic clinic in Greenwich, CT and New York City.  As a graduate assistant AT in 2010 to 2012 at the University of South Carolina, she spent 1 year working with the USC Track, Field and Cross Country teams. The other year, she worked as the assistant AT for a high school in Columbia, SC, as well as a physician extender for USC Sports Medicine Orthopedic Clinic.  At UConn she completed clinical rotations with UConn football and swimming, 2 high schools, and University of Hartford Women’s basketball program.  In 2008 she also did an internship in her Central Florida hometown at NASA focusing on rehabilitation for injured government employees/astronauts as well as medical triage for space shuttle launches and landings.

  • my response Bachelor’s of Science: completed in 2010 at University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT. Major: Athletic Training. Minor: Sports Nutrition.
  • Masters of Science: completed in 2012 at University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC. Major: Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.


Erica Simone providing medical triage for the Boston Marathon