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Hip arthritis involves inflammation or swelling of the ends of the bones that form the hip joint. It is one of the most common causes of hip pain and stiffness. In the early stages of the disease, conservative treatment in the form of pain medication, weight loss, and physical therapy may help relieve painful symptoms, but during the late stages of the disease hip replacement may be necessary.

Mako Robotic-Assisted Technology provides a customized surgical plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy to ensure the hip implant is precisely placed. Initially, a CT scan of the hip is taken. This is uploaded on the Mako software system to create a 3D model of the hip. This 3D model can be used for creating a detailed pre-surgical plan. During surgery, the Mako Robotic-Assisted Arm helps your surgeon stay within the predetermined surgical boundaries when preparing the bone surfaces to receive the hip replacement. Your surgeon then guides the robotic-arm during the surgery to precisely position the implant in the hip joint. The Mako System also allows your surgeon to make changes to the presurgical plan during surgery as needed.

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