Dropping pounds still best way to take pressure off joints

When a patient begins to consider total joint replacement surgery, orthopaedists from across New Jersey say they often begin discussions with a simple pronouncement: Lose weight.

Shaving as little as five pounds can result in a dramatic reduction in pressure on a joint, providing an ailing area of the body with a measure of relief.

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Doctors use biologics to save worn knees and hips

The patients come into his office with every orthopaedic ailment imaginable. Arthritis-racked knees and hands. Tennis elbow and torn labrums. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

For those with severe joint pain in their knees, hips, elbows or shoulders, they’ve often tried it all in search of relief. They’ve lost weight, altered exercise routines, been fitted for braces and injected with pain-numbing cortisone shots. Still, many reach the conclusion they will never rid their bodies of the crippling discomfort without total joint replacement surgery — which often means major procedures with loads of potential risk factors.

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Rutgers football players in the NFL giving back to community

A large group of young football players descended upon the campus of Seton Hall Prep high school in West Orange (N.J.) on Monday to work with a trio of former Scarlet Knights. The special guest coaches included Devin McCourty, Michael Burton, and Kevin Malast.

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Former Rutgers stars at injury prevention youth clinic (PHOTOS)

“It’s always cool to talk to kids about anything, and especially when it’s outside of playing safety or defensive back, being able to teach them other things that go into playing football,” McCourty said after the camp, held at Seton Hall Prep’s athletics facility in West Orange.

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The Benefits of a UCL Repair Versus Tommy John Reconstruction

The elbow is a widely considered to be a sacred tool for athletes performing repetitive throwing motions. In the event of a serious elbow injury, a player will experience varying levels of pain due to a possible tear of the ulnar collateral ligament. Without total control of the UCL, an athlete cannot perform the required movements of their sport.

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What Causes Medial Elbow Pain in the Throwing Athlete?

Basketball, baseball and softball are just a few of the sports that come to mind when discussing arm injuries. Consistently using the same muscle over and over can cause gradual wear and tear on the body if it’s not maintained correctly.

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