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Vincent K. Mcinerney, M.D.

"Dr McInerney is the best! He has been my sons othropedic doctor since grammar school! He makes you feel at home. Makes sure you understand everything and is always there is you have questions! His staff is top notch! Wait time is rough at times but so worth it!!"


Unfortunately, Dr McInerney was not the physician to perform my autoscopic surgery in 2010 nor did he treat me for the supartz injections I received 5x to the knee after re-injuring my knee again in 2011. I was never told by the previous physician that my ortho arthritis was permanent.

But after re-injuring the same knee in 2013, my primary physician Dr. Vitale heard my cry. I had to seek a physician that would listen and explain to me why I was experiencing pain after some time. He referred me to McInerney and I have been with him since 2013 to present. Dr. McInerney explained to me the reason for me re-injuring myself is because the injections I receive is only temporarily relieve and is recommended every 6 months. Kristen and Dr. McInerney fought hard with Workers’ Compensation regularly to make sure I received my treatment when the first physician did not. His entire staff is awesome from the receptionist to the physicians. He is funny and his spirit is a pleasure to be around. My mom had the pleasure of Dr. McInerney performing her total hip replacement and she is remarkable doing well at the age of 72 with no complications. My son broken his wrist and was cared for by one of his colleagues Dr. Callaghan again an awesome physician making my son feel comfortable at 13 after performing surgery placing rods to hold his bone in place in successful removing them. My son is doing very well to date. I have referred many to their office and I want to sincerely thank Dr. McInerney and his entire staff for all that they do, you all are awesome. See you soon for my next injections.

God Bless



Let me start we been patients of DR MC INERNEY LONG TIME. Recently My mom Fractured her shoulder at work. If you want a Doctor who cares about you and gives you FULL detail of your injury and what to expect, Well he is who you see. After she talked to him today it was nice hearing her happy knowing in time she will be fine. Just have to be patient.

~Stacy C O.

"We've been coming to Dr. McInerney for years. He has a wonderful personality and spends lots of time with you. We have recommended many people to come and see Dr. McInerney. He always seems to help us and gives us an appointment very quickly especially if you are in pain. Most of our problems are with the back and knees but I have to say we are still getting around at age 71 & 70. We love Dr. McInerney."

~Satisfied Patient


"I have been a patient of Dr. McInerney for six-plus years. During that period, he performed a total hip replacement and 2 total knee replacements. The results are beyond perfect. The pain level is zero. The hospital stay was short and rehabilitation was precise and rewarding.

Dr. McInerney, as busy as he is, takes time to explain all aspects of the procedure with a wonderful and sincere caring. Like him, his of fice staff is outstanding. They respect the patient as an individual and not a name on a report. You may be inclined to return to the of fice just to say hello, without needing medical attention."

~Ronald Brandstetter, Ph.D.


"I have been a patient for many years under the wonderful care of Dr. Vincent McInerney and his staff.

Having had total knee replacement and major foot surgery, I've been very satisfied with the results and the physical therapy which followed.

My experiences, until today, have been very successful.

I might also add that my late husband, Edward, was a patient of Dr. McInerney 's and while treated well for his shoulder problems (rotator cuff) he regretted not going thru with surgery."

~Mrs. Irene Chmura

Anthony J. Scillia, M.D.

"Dr. Scillia performed rotator cuff and bicep tenodesis surgery on each of my shoulders five years apart (right shoulder in 2015 and left shoulder in February 2020). In both cases I could not have been more satisfied with Dr. Scillia, his staff (Alex, Erica etc...), and my results. Before discussing surgery, non-surgical options were considered. But being I had extensive damage (which was the case in each shoulder) these options did not provide relief from my pain, weakness, etc, which was not only getting in the way of my training, but even just everyday life. But after each surgery, the repaired shoulder felt stronger and more pain free than they have ever been. I am very excited because I train hard, and now I can do it pain free! Also, the time he takes to explain everything both before and after the surgery makes it seem like you are the most important patient he has. I HIGHLY recommend him!"/p>

~Nick N.

"I usually don't give reviews but i think Dr Scillia and his staff certainly deserve one. I had my ACL and Meniscus fixed by Dr Scillia on Nov 6th 2016. Its now June and i have been back to running for the past 2 months and have been averaging 20 to 25 miles a week with minimal soreness. I think Dr Scillia did an excellent job on my knee. He has great bedside manners and i would highly recommend him. His staff is friendly, courteous and easily reachable."

~Sandeep R.

"I just can't give enough praise to Dr. Scillia! . After a sports injury which resulted in 2 unsuccessful knee surgeries by another surgeon, my 16 yo daughter was referred to Dr. Scillia. We were very skeptical at first being she was only 16 and had already had 2 different surgeries in less than a year, but he came highly recommended so we agreed to see him. He was able to diagnose her problem in 1 visit and within 3 weeks had her scheduled for MPFL reconstruction. Finally after 18 months since her first surgery I can actually say she is on the mend and will soon be able to resume her sports and just participate in normal teenage things as simple as walking without constant pain and fear of her knee giving out. Dr. Scillia took my daughter who had basically lost all hope and gave her her life back! I can't recommend Dr. Scillia and his staff enough."

~Sue N.

"Dr. Scillia and his team are by far some of the most efficient professionals I've encountered. From the beginning, Dr. Scillia and his staff were extremely thorough and assuring. I went to him with hip/groin pain and after an MRI confirming a labral tear and bone spur on the femoral head, we agreed that surgery was the way to treat to prevent arthritis and eventually a replacement. This was my first surgical procedure so nerves were a huge factor on top of feeling lost in the pre-op process. Everyone was extremely helpful and each department of NJOI worked effortlessly to give me peace of mind. They all communicated extremely well amongst themselves, myself, insurance, and the surgical center (Elite Surgical Center in Wayne...another great facility and staff). The day of surgery, I had a fever and it was rescheduled with barely interfering with my prior arrangements (work, time off, personal life, etc.) Dr. Scillia's bedside manner is something that one could hope for in each of their doctor's- he made not only myself but my family comfortable as well (with some humor too!) I can go on and on about the small details where Dr. Scillia and his team made me feel at ease. They truly made every ounce of the process simple and comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone and know for certain that I would go back to them in necessary. I'm 4 1/2 months post-op and feeling great! Excited to resume my running routine!"


"NOI, Dr. Scillia saved my life. I suffered for 3 years with a chronic hip problem. I tried just about everything that I can in way of , alternative treatment including, Stem Cell therapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet injection), Synvisc gel injection, proliferation injection, oxygenation treatment, Japanese Seitai treatment and more. Nothing help except Dr. Scillia recommendation for hip replacement. It has been 7 months post-surgery and I am feeling fantastic. I have returned back to Karate training and the gym. I no longer have pain. NOI saved my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

~John Anthony Gambino


"Dr. Anthony Scillia is the most amazing Ortho Surgeon that I have ever met and/or researched. Other Ortho Surgeons told me I would never be at 100% with the type of knee reconstruction I would have to have but I decided to go with Dr. Scillia and I have 100% of my knee function with no pain. He's a great person and explains everything in detail so that I understand and is also more than willing to take his time answering my questions. He's half man, half amazing! The best!"

~Vee H

"Dr. Scillia, no words will be enough to descript him clearly, he is the top of all surgeons in his field. I had both knees reconstructive surgeries due to ACL tears and injury, he was able to do all repair required and replace both ACLs . I have no pain and both knees function normally. Also behind his business is a great team, such as Alex and Erica who follow patients everywhere from hospital to final recovery to prior authorizations to paper work and many more. Thanks to all. Dr. Anthony does not need recommendation or review because his work light speaks about him."



"Dr Scilia operated on both my shoulders for rotator cuff and torn biceps. My shoulders are much better than before. Within 3 weeks I regained full range of motion and my post surgery experience was virtually pain free. I am 64, and recently decline bench pressed 225 lbs. (not the doctors instructions). Dr Scilia did a GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!"

~Bob P


"Thank you for keeping my arm healthy enough to throw until the end of my college career. You are the best and I appreciate all of the times I needed your help over these past few years."

~College Baseball Pitcher, underwent arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove loose body, repair capitellum osteochondral cartilage, and stem cell injection

John Callaghan, M.D.

"Dr. Callaghan surgically repaired my fractured fibula. He was great about answering all my questions and following up. And he was very realistic about setting expectations for rehab and recovery. Excellent doctor!"

3 years ago I was in an auto accident resulting in severe injury to both legs, knees & ankles. Drs Callaghan, Mcinerney, Wright and the trauma team’s expertise & compassion during the numerous surgeries have made it possible to walk again. My family & I survived this journey because of NJOI.

~Susan S

Dr callaghan is the most kindness compassionate expert doctor i broke my leg a year ago and dislocated my knee hé took such great Care of me and really Care how i was feeling i would recommend him to anyone.

~Eileen M S

Dear Dr. Callaghan, Words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am to have you be apart of this long journey. May God bless you. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

~Ramon C

I am forever grateful to Dr. Callaghan for setting my broken wrist after a sudden fall in late March, 2017. The physician on call for Dr. Mc Inerney at Chilton that Sunday, Dr. Callaghan was my God-send. Competent, confident, calm, and kind, he reassured me that my wrist would heal perfectly--and it did! He was not at all surprised by the unusual appearance of my broken bone but simply asked a few questions and began his skilled work and remedied my brokenness. God bless him always!


Dr. Callaghan surgically repaired my fractured fibula. He was great about answering all my questions and following up. And he was very realistic about setting expectations for rehab and recovery. Excellent doctor!

Dr. Callaghan was my surgeon after a traumatic accident that injured both my legs. I received high quality care from the skilled hands of Dr. Callaghan. He evaluated my condition carefully and took the necessary steps to eliminate the possibility of infection and did an excellent job with my surgery. Dedicated, honest, friendly, professional and knowledgeable on the latest techniques. Thank you for a successful experience.


Craig Wright, M.D.


Dr. Wright, I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you for my new hip. I never have any pain and it works perfectly. I feel like a younger person. You probably would be surprised if you knew how often I ask God to bless you. It is a wonderful feeling to walk across an empty parking lot and experience confidence with no need for a cane or a strong arm from another person. This new feeling of wellness clearly is a reminder of God's love and care for me. You do God's work so well, Dr. Wright! May He continue to bless you and use you for his His honor and glory.

~Dorothy A.

I am a physicist/engineer and patient of 2 x knee, shoulder and wrist surgeries, who was recently diagnosed as needing hip replacement. The pre-op x-ray of my hip looked like a square peg was in a round hole, which explained my pain, my limp, and physical limitations. NJOI staff diagnosed my condition, offered an immediate cortisone injection for medium term pain mitigation, and routed me to hip replacement uber specialist Craig Wright.

When we met, I told him I missed playing ball, after looking at my information, he assured me that there was a very high probability I'd be playing again soon. He told me about his expertise with reduced intrusion robotic instruments and other recent technology advances in the evolution of hip replacement. He answered every question with patience, warmth and understanding, until I had nothing left to fret about. We scheduled the surgery and prep events. The NJOI team chaperoned me flawlessly through every step in the surgical and home prep activities.

The surgery in St. Joe's Paterson went great and the patient treatment by hospital staff, couldn't have been better. Polite, responsive, knowledgeable, accommodating in every dimension of patient interaction.

30 hours after check in I was on my way home, walking with an almost normal gait, with only a little help from a walk assist device and ready for home PT.

High praise to Tom Watson my home visiting RPT. Another superior professional, and I've had a lot of PT. Tom is the best I've had among the 5 times I've needed such treatment.

So, I'm two weeks post surgery and I'm healing well and gaining range of motion and building endurance every day. Could not imagine feeling better faster. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention....post surgical pain .....0.0. None, nil, naught, nadda, zippo, pain. It's not comfortable, and healing takes work.....but contrary to the popular saying. I making lots of gain while not experiencing any pain.

Well done Dr. Wright and team NJOI thank you all for your expertise.

~Philip Z


The following is a glowing commendation on the competency and skillfulness of Dr. Craig Wright. I suffered considerable pain in my hips and legs for many years - barely able to walk with extreme pain. I was now 70 years of age and never had surgery of any kind. I resisted surgery at all costs until the pain became so intense, I couldn't stand it anymore. I then began to do research on line. After many days and weeks of research, that the direct anterior approach to total hip replacement was far and away the absolute best type of hip surgery to have.

I eventually stumbled on Dr. Craig Wright. I found he had extensive experience in the direct anterior approach to total hip replacement and had studied under one of the nations foremost hip replacement specialists on the anterior approach! Dr. Wright has a calm, relaxed, even keeled demeanor. His even-tempered nature combines with a quiet confidence he displays. Dr.Wright performed two anterior THR surgeries on me and I have been delighted with the results! I now walk at a brisk pace for 45 - 60 minutes a day with absolutely no pain! I am so pleased with my decision to undergo this type of surgery twice and with such an accomplished doctor, Dr. Craig Wright!

~Lenny P

Dr Wright performed Hip replacement surgery on both my hips last year. Within months I was finally walking normal, and most of all pain free! Never waited more then a few minutes for all office visits, and Dr Wright's entire staff was very friendly and accessible when needed. I will be seeing him again for any future Orthopaedic needs.



Amazing experience. Tore 2 ligaments in ankle. Treated by Dr. Wright. Kind, compassionate, confident, caring, friendly and well spoken doctor. Communicates clearly in patient friendly terms so you know exactly what is happening with your injury and care. Furthermore, the office staff in welcoming, warm, professional, well spoken, organized and very helpful. If every doctor's office ran like this and they all treated their patients as I was treated, the medical profession would be amazing!


I broke my wrist ice skating and went to the ER. The break required a plate, and Dr. Wright was the surgeon on call. He did surgery that night. He did an excellent job with the surgery, and I am very happy with the results. He thoroughly addressed all my questions and concerns. I feel very fortunate that he was the one on call!

Casey M. Pierce, M.D.

"I was very pleased with my office visit with Dr. Pierce. I arrived for my appointment a few minutes early. I was brought into the exam room rather quickly and Dr. Pierce appeared shortly there after. It was nice to be seen so quickly. Wait times during office visits are usually quite long. It seemed as if Dr. Pierce valued my time as a patient. He was polite, attentive, and answered my questions. I would also like to acknowledge his assistant Amanda. Her follow-up was exceptional. I appreciate them both."

~Telisa O.

"Dr. Pierce is great. He saw me on short notice after I tore my Achilles. He guided me through the process and answered all my questions. Surgery went really smooth. I would definitely recommend him."

~Dave Z.

"Dr. Pierce was excellent! He performed surgery on my hip and during all of the visits beforehand, he thoroughly explained everything that he’d be doing. No appointment ever felt rushed or as if he didn’t care about me as a patient. My hip is now well on the way to being 100% better. I would highly recommend him!"

~Emma S.

"Dr. Pierce did a reverse shoulder replacement on me and I was thoroughly pleased with my results and follow up care. He is caring, encouraging and empathetic. I have recommended him to many friends at my complex and am thrilled that he will have an office in Clifton in August."

~Rachel R.

"Dr Pierce is incredibly knowledgable and up to date with the latest techniques. He was progressive and caring in his dialogue. He really took the time in explaining to me what the surgery would look like and the short/long term results/goals. I recovered very quickly from a traumatic sports injury thanks to his care ability and guidance."

~Steven R.


My father, a 98 year old wwII vet, recently had an appointment with Dr. Pierce. Riddled with arthritis etc etc, my dad was reluctant to see yet another doctor even though he was in dire pain and unable to stand and walk. Dr. Pierce put my father at ease and was thorough, kind and caring. Because of his treatment Pop is in better spirits and is beginning to feel better! Thank you Dr. Pierce.

~Dolores S


I was a competitive gymnastics/cheerleader while I was playing basketball for fun I injured my knee. Unfortunately when I went to the hospital it was more than just a little injury. I was told to see an orthopedic lucky I was able to get an appointment with NJOI with Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce was great he made me feel really comfortable in my current situation. He explained everything to me in full detail. He told me in a way that I could understand everything he drew a diagram and did not stop explaining until I felt comfortable. I was very nervous since I am young and enjoy being active. Dr. Pierce's assistant Amanda was great anytime I needed something she was able to email/call me with an answer immediately. I would totally recommend Dr. Pierce.

~Nicholas G


I was referred to Dr. Pierce by my Trainer, even though he is almost an hour away, I decided to try. From the minute I was put in touch with the practice, my entire experience was excellent. From the staff in the office, to his Assistant, Amanda, to Dr. Pierce himself. The time and attention provided to me by all parties, including Dr. Pierce was stellar. In this current age of medicine, the "bed side manner" is not always 100%, however not with Dr. Pierce. He explained everything in detail to me about my shoulder pain, he explained treatment options, answered all questions and never once made me feel rushed with our visit OR that my questions were trivial. There is no question that I will continue to travel the hour for visits, treatment and/or any future issues. I will also not hesitate to bring either of my teenage boys if they need orthopedic care. I recommend Dr. Pierce without hesitation.

~Celeste C

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